Communities can thrive only if they are in possession of the required support, and the Mukao platform offers knowledge, information and support to communities throughout Africa, boosting their capacity for innovation, thus improving their capabilities and chances to improve. For these communities, having the appropriate knowledge and information will lead to more scope and rapid for progress and resilience.


Despite its size, its vastness and its historical importance, Africa is overlooked and under-supported in terms of technology and the opportunities for advancement that come with it. Hufika is the marketplace that will facilitate the transfer of the technologies of the world to Africa and within African people. Investors and businesses will table their offers directly to the continent through Gateway and Partners linkages with organs of the AU, regional blocks, governments and the people of Africa.


There are abundant opportunities to enhance and maximise the returns derived from the mineral wealth of Africa whereby marginal gains are received. Gateway and Partners shall through partnerships with others that share this vision create and establish protocols that mitigate and reverse same.

Taste & Aromas

An initiative to trade in agro-products and produce from Africa. Balozi Coffee ® being the first of this initiative.


Innovation marketplace, this time operating within the realms of the creativity of the African people. Art, intellectual creations and other creative enterprises can be monetised and traded through this system.