Baiba Dhidha Mjidho BW

Baiba Dhidha Mjidho


Baiba is an experienced executive with 31 years of management work in various capacities with Van Leer East Africa Ltd. His work has taken him across numerous African and European countries, including Zimbabwe, Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt in the former, and the UK, Belgium and Holland in the latter.


He is passionate about the empowerment of society’s marginalised, excluded and disadvantaged, and his Rotary International membership serves as a means for those people to express themselves.


Baiba is currently the Managing Director and CEO of G&P as well as Director of Mbvoni Company Limited.

Tony Obaigbona BW

Tony Obaigbona


With over 30 years of applied management expertise, Tony is a respected professional in the engineering and corporate real estate industries. He holds invaluable experience in business development and the digital transformation of businesses, and has lent his skills and knowledge to various corporate entities and government agencies including RSLs and Engineering projects in the UK, as well as several humanitarian and World Bank-assisted projects in Africa.


Some examples of his work include The National Water Rehabilitation Programme and work with UTC (Engineering) PLC in Nigeria. His understanding of global commodities and the oil and gas industries is invaluable.


Tony is currently the Technical and Marketing Director of G&P as well as Director of Mbvoni Company Ltd.