Company Values

Our Values


At Gateway And Partners Ltd, we are aware of the perception that corruption is Africa’s biggest bane and this must change. Our avowed commitment to zero tolerance to all forms and practices of corruption has no boundaries.


Supporters of Fairtrade

Gateway And Partners Ltd are committed to stimulate enormous change on the African continent for the good of the land and its people, but this commitment is underpinned by unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability and Fair Trade practices and products.


Eco Friendly & Rain-forest Alliance Certified

Whilst working in tandem with Mbvoni Company Ltd facing a challenge of unfathomable scale, G&P will never compromise on our morals and ethical code of conduct. Our certification by Rainforest Alliance is an indicator of our environmentally-conscious ethos, and we strive to achieve and inspire major changes without deviating from our philosophy.

Creating and utilising partnerships with the African Union Department of Trade and the African Continental Free Trade Area allows G&P to benefit from a larger platform to spread their services to their vision and intended recipients.