Our Story

Gateway And Partners Ltd are specialists in trading and technology transfer, operating with the purpose of showcasing Africa as a viable trading partner for other continents and nations. We also invite and encourage those enterprises and businesses with technology that can help economic growth to bring their wares and know-how to Africa.


Working with the same vision as their partner organisation Mbvoni Company Ltd together with other companies, HouseAfrica Initiative, G&P are aiming to roll out their plan of action across four separate platforms:


Taste and Aromas: Trade and investments in both primary and value-added agricultural products.

Madini: Trade and investments in both primary and value-added extractives.

Hufika: Technology transfer in machinery and services for any African wishing to access such sectors, or facilitating any party with technology or services who wish to deliver such services to Africa.

Mukao: Not-for-profit technical support services for each and every community in Africa.