Gateway And Partners Ltd

The untapped potential of the continent of Africa; its people and resources is something close to the hearts and minds of the people at Gateway And Partners Ltd.


The vastness of this magnificent continent is very often understated or overlooked – with a surface area of more than 30,000,000 sq km, it is home to seemingly infinite and diverse people groups, cultures and species, dwelling in a unique ecosystem. However, the aforementioned potential has never been truly unlocked, thanks to factors that are too numerous to name, and a ‘culture of enshrined dependency’.


About 26% of African households have no electricity. 58% have no access to clean water. 31% have no access to basic sanitation. Only 18% of the irrigation potential of Africa has been utilised. With the right investment, the right support and planning, these striking figures can be drastically improved and the people of Africa will feel the benefit.


Kofi Annan in the 2014 Africa Progress Report said, “Africa has enough resources to feed the burgeoning population… we have enough resources to feed not just ourselves but other regions, too. We must seize this opportunity.”

True lovers of Africa around the world, have seen countless well-intentioned initiatives start and fail to restore Africa to the health it should enjoy. Africa loses more money through illicit outflows than it receives in foreign aid and investment, and such patterns must be reversed to help the continent thrive.


Gateway And Partners Ltd, along with many other parties in our consortia have outlined a plan of action designed to bring real and tangible change on the continent.


We also provide the true GATEWAY for our PARTNERS.